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Lassen Volcanic Park

Walk on the wild side and explore local volcanoes during your stay at our hotel near Lassen Volcanic National Park! Lassen Peak is the largest plug dome volcano in the world, and the western side of the park features gigantic mountain ranges formed by lava flows. It’s less than an hour drive from our hotel near Lassen Volcanic National Park, and there’s more than enough to see during your day-long adventure in the national park.

Take a Day Hike

Follow a ranger-guided tour or walk 150 miles of trails at your own leisure, exploring lush forests, mountainous terrain, shimmering lakes, and fields of local flowers. When hiking through hydrothermal areas, stay on established boardwalks for safety, as the ground may be merely a crust over pools of acidic boiling water.

Check the weather during the planning of your trip, as the park’s climate ranges from deep snowfall to harsh summers. Snowbanks can persist year-round in areas, and hiking boots are a good idea for tackling various terrains. Fuel up with our complimentary breakfast here at our hotel near Lassen Volcanic National Park before journeying into the park!

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